Montana Men’s Clinic is the Men’s Health Program of Planned Parenthood of Montana


Montana Men’s Clinic is the place for quality and confidential reproductive and sexual health issues for men in Montana. We provide a convenient and trusted place to go for your medical and educational needs. Information you need to make the best decisions for you are available.


Why is Sexual/Reproductive Health Important for Guys?


For Ourselves

Because the consequences are real. The consequences can be physical, emotional and/or financial but they are very real.


For Our Future

Because our future health, ability to have children, be in healthy relationships and our very lives rest in the balance.


For Our Children

Because we want to be there to see them grow and we want to be able to have answers for questions that perhaps no one had for us.


For Our Partners

Because we don’t want to pass an STI on to our partner. Even if we have no symptoms of an STI, we can still be a carrier and we can still pass an infection on.